Enjoy the Festive Season in the best Hotels in Buxton

Christmas is around the corner and everyone seems to be waiting the holiday season. People have always been planning to meet the family and friends to wine and dine together and share the happiest moments together during Christmas. However, of late most of the youth have changed the trend by planning getaways during Christmas. So, if you also want to do something different and enjoy your holidays vacationing at the best places reveling in the glory with the finest of wines.

If you are planning for the holiday, the best place is Buxton, which is the most popular holiday getaway for many people in and out of the UK. Buxton is strategically located in the center of Britain. The place is beautiful and is based at the heart of the Peak District in Derbyshire. The scenic view and the splendid architecture captivate the attention of the visitors. If you want pure luxury and want to unwind yourself completely, the place offers the ultimate shopping experience with many shops and world-class spas. Visitors have plenty of things for enjoyment including ornamental gardens, an opera house that hosts the annual Buxton festival.  The place is also the best place for climbing, mountain biking, horse riding, gliding, caving and lot more. There are other venues near the Buxton that make your holidays the best.

Buxton has the best accommodation and the hotels in Buxton are very reasonable and suit to different pocket ranges. There are many heritage hotels in Buxton that have entertained guests since 16th Century. The hotels are regularly inspected to provide you the comfortable stay and meet your expectations. All the hotels are within few minutes of drive from the major attractions.

Hotels in Buxton provide the luxurious stay and also offer the traditional Britain hospitality.   The hotels also offer both the glamorous and traditional surroundings as well as world class bars serving the best of cocktails that are loved by the connoisseurs. The staff of most of the hotels is very friendly and courteous. Some hotels also offer the American bars.

So, Buxton will make your days fun filled and evenings memorable amidst the warm atmosphere and the personal style of service. You will not miss the Christmas mood and festive frenzy here.

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Five Hotels in Buxton

Five Best Hotels in Buxton

Before visiting Buxton, the spa town as it is popularly known it is important to do some homework and know beforehand about the best hotels in Buxton. There are many hotels in Buxton that are very good and give a glimpse of the popular English culture as well as give you the best services. Though, there are many self catering guest houses and inns available for accommodation, but it is always advisable to look for the hotels. It is not too difficult to find the top hotels in Buxton with this information guide.

Barcelo Palace Hotel

This hotel is known for its architecture as it was designed by the renowned architect Henry Curry who has the architect for the royalty. This is one of the oldest hotels that has been doing business since 1868. The hotel is known for friendly staff. You can take a look at the traditional British culture in here. The hotel is also known as “the English Switzerland.”

Queen’s Head Hotel

As the name suggests, this hotel was one of the popular heritage hotel that used to serve the royalty. The hotel offers the traditional bar area that provides the comfort and a beautiful ambience. If you love games, you will not be bored with the pool game, darts and exclusive songs from the collection of over 30000 songs.

The Lee Wood Hotel

The hotel speaks about Georgian period architecture and has world famous opera house. The hotel is conveniently located from different attractive points and gives a great service to visitors who have come for world class spa experience.

The Westminster Hotel

This hotel is near the Pavilion Gardens and offers the beautiful scenery. The hotel is a family run hotel and offers the fresh local food.

Alison Park Hotel

Allison Park Hotel boasts of a beautiful Edwardian Arts and Crafts and has elegant gardens. The visitors enjoy living in the hotel as the Opera House and Pavilions Gardens are at a stone’s throw away from this place.

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Get the Best Deals in Hotels in Buxton

Now, that you planned to spend your holidays in Buxton, it is important that you get the best accommodation which is primarily hotels in Buxton. If this is the first time you are visiting the Buxton, it is important to zero in the right hotel that is very friendly to you as well as your pocket. Most of the people when planning a holiday do not pay attention to little things and hence, they need to shell out huge money for hotel accommodation. However, with the following guidelines you can get the best deals in the hotels in Buxton and save a lot of money.

Plan Ahead

If you want to get the best deals in the hotel in Buxton, it is very important that you plan ahead and book your hotels in advance. This way, you can get a room at much reduced rate than the normal rate. On the other hand, if you are planning your holiday at the eleventh hour, you might as well have to pay almost 50% extra price due to the urgency. So, you can avoid the extra charge by planning your trip.

Best Deals in Websites

There are some websites that offer you the best deals and they are meant for your holiday. These websites even provide the packaged holidays that include your travel as well as stay. Therefore, you can get the heavy discount when you are booking your flights and hotels from the same website. Some of the websites do offer special deals on particular day and they run the special promos for their valuable customers. Therefore, if you are loyal customers of these websites, you can get even better deal.


Sometimes, hotels in Buxton offer the cheap price on a particular day which might fall 2 days before or after your move-in date. Therefore, if you can manage your dates and keep your schedule flexible, you can save a lot of money. The reason for that is many guests might be checking out the very same day and the hotel is not foreseeing the sufficient number of guests that particular day. Hence, in order to attract more revenues, the rates are cheaper.

Ask For Corporate Discount

Most of the hotels in Buxton will be able to provide the corporate discount, if you are working in a reputed company and have the corporate credit card.


Reference Link: www.hotelsinbuxton.com